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Commercial Grease Trap Pumping

It is extremely important to keep fats, oils, and grease (fog) out of the sanitary sewer system for environmental and public health reasons. That is why Sunshine Grease Service specializes in cleaning grease trap tanks as needed or on a schedule.

When discussing general guidelines, one of the most significant ones is the “25% Rule,” sometimes referred to as the One-Quarter or 1/4th rule. This rule, which health inspectors in many states and counties enforce, specifies that the combined depth of the “brown grease” layer in a grease interceptor, typically comprised of food residue, grease, and oil, along with any settled solids at the bottom, should not exceed one-quarter of the total depth of the interceptor.

We offer grease trap/ interceptor pumping for commercial businesses, hospitals, schools,  industrial buildings, amusement parks, casinos, hotels, distilleries, brewery holding tanks, and more.

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